International Degree Seeking, Exchange or ESL Students

All international students MUST purchase the university endorsed Student Health Insurance plan from United HealthCare Student Resources (UHCSR). (All international students are automatically  enrolled in this insurance plan upon registration.) For this Academic year the policy cost is:


8/1/17 - 7/31/18
8/1/17 - 12/31/17
1/1/18 - 5/31/18 
1/1/18 - 7/31/18
Student $1,926 $807 $797 $1,119 $322
Spouse $1,926 $807 $797 $1,119 $322
Each Child $1,926 $807 $797 $1,119 $322
All Children $3,816 $1,599 $1,579 $2,217 $638
All Dependents $5,706 $2,391 $2,361 $3,315 $954

The University of South Alabama will provide a waiver (exemption) of this requirement to purchase the UHCSR plan under only 2 conditions:

  1. You are attending USA on a Scholarship/Sponsorship and are insured by your government-sponsored U.S. based health insurance plan from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Oman and Iraq. ( Please Note: A copy of your Financial Guarantee letter/ Sponsorship letter and copy of your health insurance information must be submitted to Rhonda Baxter (at the USA Student Health Center) before classes begin each semester.) All necessary documents can be submitted via email to:
  2. You have American group health insurance coverage under a US employer either as an employee or as a dependent. In this case, you must provide proof that medical evacuation and repatriation benefits are also included on your policy.


Waiver Applications must be received before classes begin each semester. If the necessary documents are not received before classes begin, the student will be responsible for all unpaid International Insurance fees billed to their student account. This fee cannot be removed from your student account.


Benefit Information

Summary Brochure for International Students 

Brochure for International Students 


For more information, please contact Rhonda Baxter via email at or (251) 460-6022.