Immunization Requirements

New Student Requirements 

Each new student accepted for admission must submit, prior to registration, completed Immunization Forms provided by the USA Student Health Center. The Immunization policy and form may be downloaded from this page. All students, regardless of age, must complete and return the Immunization Form to be reviewed for compliance. This includes documented proof of two doses of a measles containing vaccine (rubeola, MR, MMR). One dose must have been after 1980 and at least one of the doses must have been an MMR. You may provide documented immunity to the measles, mumps, and rubella in lieu of the vaccine.

Additionally, all new incoming students must complete a Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire. Further testing may be necessary.

All students living in the residence halls and The Grove must provide proof of having received the Meningitis vaccine at the age of 16 or after.

You will be at risk of not being able to register for classes, if this requirement is not completed. Submit your Immunization Form and documented proof to the USA Student Health Center. We recommend that you start this process early and prior to your orientation session.

Your completed forms may be submitted by emailing them to We are no longer accepting faxed or mailed documents.