Native American Student Association

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Mission of the Native American Student Association

The mission of NASA is to create awareness and opportunities to gain knowledge of Native Americans and their culture, as well as to support students of Native American and Alaskan Indian descent. NASA will hold social events and promote awareness through relevant activities such as lectures, panel discussions, documentary showings, and so on. NASA will also be involved in community service and workings with local Tribes.
Poarch Band of Creek Indians Office of Archives and Records Management has been awarded the 2015 International Guardians of Culture and Lifeways' Archives Institutional Award.
Upcoming Events
Past Events:
April 9th: Dances with Cosmology: Native American Spiritual Philosophy from a Northern Cree Tribal Perspective. This event will be in Humanities Room 170 at 7:00PM.
 April 16th: Presentation by Dr. Pat Cesarini on the importance of reading Native American Literature. This event will be in the Library Auditorium at 7:00 PM.
March 26th-27th: Poarch Southeastern Festival. Volunteers needed for Friday, March 27th.
March 25th: Food for Thought: A Discussion on Native American Identity. Lead by Barbara Filion at the Archaeology Museum at 12:30PM. Lunch will be served.
March 17th: Evening with the Elders on the PBCI reservation in Atmore, AL
January 27th:"I am Not Your Mascot" A presentation by Ph.D. candidate of UF, Marcus Briggs-Cloud. Held in the Marx Library Auditorium at 7:00 PM
Fall 2014
  • Annual Thanksgiving POW WOW in Atmore, AL
  • Project 562- Changing the Way We See Native America
  • The MOWA Choctaw Band of Indians (Sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs and Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity)
  • Celebration of Native American Heritage Month
  • Presentation by Robert Thrower on Creek Medicine and Ethnobotany
  • Class trip to the museum on the PBCI reservation in Atmore, AL
  • Evening with the Elders on the PBCI reservation in Atmore, AL
  • Election of Officers for NASA