Webinars & Events


Periodically RD&L hosts training webinars or provides information to access training/webinar information on subjects related to finding opportunities and applying for grants. Webinars are fantastic dissemination mechanisms and often you can view the content from the comfort of your office or home to remain current on latest grant-writing trends as well as to learn about new sources of funding. Also listed here are webinars from funding organizations and agencies. The webinar format is especially useful for learning more about specific grant organizations and how to navigate the grant process.

Webinar Training / Information Opportunities

No events currently offered/scheduled.

Training and Other Exciting Research Oriented Professional Development Events 

Upcoming in 2017!  

The Office of Research and Economic Development will host the 2017 Research and Scholarly Development Grant & Seed Grant in Support of the Arts and Humanities forums in early Autumn. Stay tuned for details about these exciting events. 

Fundamentals of Research Administration Certificate Program

The USA Office of RD & L will be offering a new research administration certificate program entitled "Fundamentals of Research Administration."  The program will utilize a team - based learning format and will kick - off in July, 2017.  It is anticipated that the program will consist of bi-monthly, two - hour meetings and run through December, 2017.  The program is intended for those who are just beginning a career in research administration or who are contemplating taking the Certified Research Administrator exam in 2018.  Registration is limited to 12 for this first offering.  

Basics of Pivot and Gallery (Funding Opportunity and Expertise Search Engines, respectively)

The Office of RD & L offers individual and group - training in the basics of Pivot and Gallery, the USA's new Funding Opportunity and Expertise Search Engines, respectively.  Contact resdevlearn@southalabama.edu to schedule a one - to - one meeting or group training event.

CISTEM Faculty Development Program - Professional development program for early career academics, coming Fall, 2017, sponsored by CISSTEM, College of Education and Professional Studies.

Scholar Studio -

Predoctoral students and post-doctoral trainees and sponsors are invited to discuss the development of competitive F31 Ruth L. Kirschstein Predoctoral Individual National Research Service Award Application, and F32 Ruth L. Kirschstein Postdoctoral Individual National Research Service Award Applications. Discussions about other mechanism are also welcome.  Dates/times for the Scholar Studio will be scheduled for Fall, 2017.

Save the Date!  

 No events currently upcoming.

USA Department of Research Development and Learning is pleased to sponsor monthly SSTI webinars that bring the community together around TBED (Tech-Based Economic Development) and other entrepreneurial development topics.  SSTI webinars are hosted by The Exchange (202 Government St., Mobile, AL).  Please check the Knowledge Transfer calendar for the next SSTI webinar at join us at The Exchange.    

Effective Scientific Writing

Drs. Mary Townsley and Donna Cioffi host the course - "Effective Scientific Writing."  This course is offered in the fall semesters.

 The course goal is to provide a structured approach to grant proposal development.  The intended outcome is for each participant to have a rough draft of key proposal sections in hand by the end of the term.  Graduate students, research fellows, and/or faculty who would like to improve their ability to communicate effectively in writing proposals are welcome to participate. If you are interested in participating in the course please contact Dr. Mary Townsley via email (mtownsley@southalabama.edu).  Graduate students may enroll for credit.  

Knowledge Transfer Webinars and Events