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Video Production

Video production is one important way that the ILC supports educators in the use of video in their courses.  In some cases, the ILC can help educators locate existing video programs appropriate to their instructional needs.  In  other cases, the ILC’s Video Team can collaborate with educators to write, shoot, edit, and deliver video content to meet these needs. 

There are three levels of video production service offered by the ILC:

  • Level 1:  Simple Video Production – ILC videotapes an event or simple presentation for a course.  This is usually characterized by a single camera shoot, with only a few, simple edits.
  • Level 2: Moderate Video Production – ILC videotapes and produces a program from an interview or presentation.  Moderate amount of graphics, editing, and music is usually involved.
  • Level 3:  Full Service Video Production -  This involves extensive planning, research, and script writing.  Production often takes place in multiple locations with a team of production personnel.  It is usually heavily edited, and can contain extensive graphics, music, and professional talent.

Educators can also schedule to use the video studio and camera equipment to produce their own materials.  The ILC regularly conducts training in video production techniques and technologies.  For more information about video production needs, persons should contact David Walker, the ILC’s Instructional Videography Specialist ( .