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The resources below can help you develop your syllabi, courses, and course materials. All documents linked below require the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

USAonline Fundamentals Online
USAonline Fundamentals now available online!  You can receive certification for all or parts of USAonline Fundamentals by enrolling in USAonline: The Basics in USAonline. To register for USAonline Fundamentals Online, click here.  You will receive an email within one business day informing you how to access the course.
*Note: To create a USAonline account, click here.


New Faculty Scholars Program

New Faculty Scholars program is a year-long program to build community among South Alabama faculty. One of it primary goals is to support South’s newest faculty by providing support for scholarly achievement, innovative teaching, and outstanding public engagement and service. Click here for more information


Instructional Workshops
This is the official list of events that count toward the required 6 hours of Instructional Workshops requirement for the New Faculty Development Program.


Faculty Guidebook
This document is to serve as a guide for instructors teaching in the traditional classroom, blended courses, or fully online environments. 


Fifty Teaching Strategies
These strategies should help faculty in all disciplines improve their teaching.


Learning Outcomes
This document provides useful information on how to write learning outcomes and objectives.


Syllabus Template

This document contains the new template for USA syllabi.

Syllabus Tips
These tips will help you consider the tone and wording of your syllabus so that it will be a more effective governing document for your course.


Attendance Issues

This document contains helpful advice on how to improve student attendance in your classes.


New Faculty FAQ