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Recruitment Recommendation Letters

Recommendation letters are not required to participate in Recruitment, however if you would like to send one please see the addresses below.

What is a recommendation letter (also known as a Rec)?
A recommendation simply introduces a woman to a sorority to help the sorority members become acquainted with her prior to recruitment. It is written on your behalf that speaks of your character, and verifies accomplishments, grades, and activities.

Who can write the Rec Letter?
Any sorority alumna can write a letter on your behalf to her respective sorority.  She does not have to be a graduate from the University of South Alabama.

What should I include when sending information to alumna who is writing a recommendation letter?
Once an alumna has agreed to write your recommendation letter, it is customary to send her things that would help her write your rec letter.

Resume with personal information such as: ACT score, GPA, leadership activities, high school or community involvement, awards, community service, and interests.
Photographs (headshot- senior portrait works great, no group shots with friends)
Addressed and stamped large envelope to the Chapter’s address below
A thank you note. It is nice to show the alumna that you appreciate the effort she is making to help you.
Transcripts aren’t necessary, but if you do to choose to send one make sure to blackout your social security number

How do I know a chapter got my recommendation?

You will not. You have to trust the alumna who you have contacted to write your recommendation.

Where do I send my letters? 

You can mail your letters to the following address or click on the link for electronic submissions to a chapter.  

Alpha Gamma Delta
2450 Ellen Dr. 
Semmes, AL 36575

Alpha Omicron Pi:


University of South Alabama

Mobile, AL 36688

AOII Rec Letter Link

Chi Omega:
Chi Omega Rec Letter Link

Kappa Delta:

Kappa Delta Rec Letter Link 

PO Box U-1207
University of South Alabama
Mobile, AL 36688

Phi Mu:
Please click on the link below for Rec letter.

Phi Mu Rec Letter Link