Personal Enrichment

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You are the star and learning something new is fun at the USA Center for Continuing Education.

These dynamic, community-based courses are open to anyone wanting to learn something new while having fun and meeting new people. Engaging quality courses with highly respected instructors who are experts in their specific fields.  

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Special Courses

The Center for Continuing Education offers non-credit, evening classes for adults in a number of areas for purposes of personal enrichment. Whether its to learn a new hobby or simply have fun, USA Special Courses selects instructors who are experts in their field and they only teach areas that relate to their expertise.

Courses offered through Special Courses typically include:

  • Organizing Your End of Life Documents
  • Grandparents Legal Rights
  • Bridge Made Easy
  • Dog Obedience
  • Foreign Languages
  • Flower Arranging
  • Photography



Exam Reviews

Competition is increasing for college scholarships and the best way to stand out to admission officers is with a competitive ACT© score. The USA Center for Continuing Education offers students review courses in the following areas:

  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • Reading
  • Writing

Each subject review consists of four-sessions, meeting once per week, leading up to the most popular ACT test dates. Instructors design the subject reviews to prepare students in multiple facets in preparation for their big test date. Students are expected to have taken algebra and geometry within the last three years.  

Online Courses

Are you looking for a short course in a specific area to help you learn something new or brush up your skills in an area? Do you need something online that you can access from anywhere? The USA Center for Continuing Education offers classes for those individuals wanting an online course that focuses on a specific area without taking too much time. With classes ranging from math and grammar, accounting, computer programming, or current technology trends, students can choose from a wide assortment of classes that begin each month to meet their needs.