Faculty Senate 2007-08

University of South Alabama
Faculty Senate
March 19, 2008
University Library, Rm.110

Unapproved Minutes


Present:        Aliabadi, Baggett, Bru, Burnham, Byrne, Carnahan, Crumb, Doran, Douglass, Engin, Estis, Fresne, Hamilton, Johnsten, I. Khan, Z. Khan, King, Kinniburgh, Li, Loomis, Morris, Perez-Pineda, Porter, Prendergast, Prescott, Robinson, Romey, Sachs, Simpson, Tate, Vrettos, Woodford, Tootie Wright.

Excused:      Britt, Falkos, Haas, Irion, Pettyjohn, Santoli, Tony Wright.

Unexcused: Allison, Amare, Aucoin, Brown, Carter, Dardeau, Green, Heins, Lauderdale, Major, McNair, Meyer, Phelan, Prokhorov, Rowell, Sherman, Teplick.


1.  The meeting was called to order at 3:02 P.M. by Chair Tate.  A quorum was present at 3:10.

2. Lacking a quorum, consideration of the minutes was temporarily tabled and Chair Tate proceeded to the Chair’s report (Agenda item #3).

Chair Tate summarized points from the written report provided to the Senate and available online. Highlights of the report included:

Following the formal report, Ali posed a question regarding the state of Foundation - University relations. In response, Chair Tate noted that the Foundation only funds what they choose to fund rather than allowing the administration to decide how to distribute funds; that they also establish limits. Sachs added that he is hopeful that things would change, though noting that the market is not good.

The chair was also asked about the installment of more cameras on campus. She noted, in response, that these were being added in buildings and outside and that the executive committee also discussed the issue of campus lighting.

Chair Tate announced that she had 10 free tickets to the Baseball game on Saturday, April 5 for anyone interested.

Finally, Chair Tate announced the names of the Senators whose terms are expiring, thanking them for the service.

3. With a quorum now present, the minutes from the February meeting were discussed. Following friendly changes two minor changes, and upon a motion by Loomis and seconded by Z. Khan, the minutes were unanimously approved.  

4. Old Business: Student Evaluations.
Chair Tate announced that this matter remains in the Evaluation Committee. She noted that she is still receiving the evaluation forms from the various colleges and collecting articles on the topic. The Chair asked that comments or suggestions be sent to her or the chair of the Evaluation Committee.

Chair Tate took the opportunity to remind committee chairs to submit their year-end reports for the next meeting.

5. New Business: Elections.
Chair Tate asked that if anyone is interested in running for an office or chairing a committee to let her know by email. A brief review indicated that all colleges except Arts and Sciences were in the process of conducting elections for new senators. Chair Tate noted that the election results are due on March 31 for new senators. She indicated that the Executive Committee would create a slate of candidates.

6.  Committee Reports.

7.  Caucus Leader Reports.

A question was raised regarding the problem of students parking in faculty designated areas, particularly between MCOB and the Physical Education building. Senators mentioned the difficulties of trying to get the administration to issue tickets. One noted that the administration has indicated that they do not want to take an aggressive stance, while another noted the ease by which students can have tickets waived. Chair Tate agreed to talk to the administration and maybe the police regarding the matter. Chair-elect Sachs also agreed to look into the matter.

8.  Adjourn. With no further business, Crumb’s move to adjourn, seconded by Loomis, enjoyed unanimous support. The meeting was adjourned at 3:44.  


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