Faculty Senate 2007-08

University of South Alabama
Faculty Senate
September 19, 2007
University Library, Rm.110

Approved Minutes

Present:         Aliabadi, Amare, Aucoin, Baggett, Britt, Brown, Bru, Burnham, Carnahan, Carter, Crumb, Doran, Estis, Engin, Falkos, Hamilton, Heins, Johnsten, I. Khan, Z. Khan, King, Kinniburgh, Lauderdale, Li, Loomis, Major, Meyer, Morris, Perez-Pineda, Porter, Prendergast, Prescott, Prokhorov, Romey, Rowell, Santoli, Simpson, Tate, Teplick, Vrettos, Woodford, Tony Wright, Tootie Wright

Excused:        Douglass, Fresne, Green, Haas, Irion, Pettyjohn, Robinson, Sachs,

Unexcused:    Allison, Dardeau, McNair, Phelan, Sherman,


1.  The meeting was called to order at 3:03 P.M. by Chair Tate.  Quorum present.

2.  Approval of Minutes: July.

3.  Chair’s Report. Chair Tate summarized points from the written report which is available in its entirety online. Highlights are listed as below:

The Late Course Withdrawal Policy proposal was discussed.
There have been no volunteers for chairing the University Planning and Development Committee.  John Sachs has agreed to be interim Chair, until a permanent chair can be determined, so the committee can convene.
The proposed “Responsibilities of Faculty Officers and Caucus Leaders” were approved by the committee and will be posted on the Faculty Senate website.
Plans are going forward for the Faculty Senate-sponsored Town Meetings.

4.  Old Business.
●Responsibility details of Senate Officers, Committee Chairs, and Caucus Leaders were distributed in person and are already posted on the Senate’s website

5.  New Business.
Revised Resolution Endorsing a Modification to the Late Course Withdrawal Policy

After much discussion a vote to approve with friendly amendments was held. 
The resolution passed 27 to 8 with 2 abstentions.  Senate will now take this resolution forward to the Administration for their consideration.

● Town meetings.  Senate will be sponsoring four town meetings for faculty.  This will allow faculty to address the Senate directly with any issues, concerns, questions. The meetings are going to be held at various locations and times to reach as many faculty as possible. Food will also be served. All senators are asked to attend at least one of these meetings.  Chair Tate requests that caucus leaders be at the meeting nearest his/her college.

6.  Committee Reports.
●Academic Development and Mentoring (Steve Morris): No report.
●Environmental Quality (Susan Santoli): The committee is investigating any profits that might be found from recycling and have found that generally, profits do not result.
Susan Santoli will be contacting Caucus Leaders to see if we can get volunteers to serve as recycling coordinators to work with Chris Willis in facilities.
Committee is checking to see if:

Smoot Major is going to keep the committee informed about some situations with the Nature Trail and Technology Park.

●Evaluation (Tom Johnsten): No report.
●Planning and Development (John Sachs): No report.
●Policies and Faculty Handbook (Eric Loomis): Discussion has begun in regards to grievance procedure for faculty denied tenure.
●Salary and Benefits (Jean Irion): Discussion continued about University policy on equity raises.  Discussion is tabled while the committee investigates this further.
●Technology Utilization (Jie Li): Technology Fair is Oct. 26.  There are 35 spots with ten of those still open. Faculty members who use technology in a creative way and willing to share that with others on campus are encouraged to participate.

7.  Caucus Leader Reports.
●Allied Health (Zari Aliabadi)- Three chair positions are  currently filled with interims.
●Arts and Sciences (Tony Wright)- No report.
●Continuing Education (Elliott Lauderdale)- No report.  
●Computer and Information Sciences (Michael Doran): Dean search continues. Three new candidates coming in soon.
●Education (Leah Kinniburgh):  Several faculty searches going on right now.
●Engineering (Ali Engin): New senator- Peter Byrne.
●Library (Amy Prendergast): No report.
●Mitchell College of Business (Greg Prescott):  AACSB (accreditation) will be on campus next month for a site visit.
●Medicine (Kevin Green): No report.
●Nursing (Karen Hamilton): New Senator- Tom Meyer.  April 2009 is the proposed building completion date.

Chair Tate announced that there is still one Senate vacancy and hopefully it will be filled by October.

8.  Meeting adjourned at 3:56 P.M.

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