University of South Alabama
Faculty Senate

February 21, 2007
University Library, Rm. 110

Approved MINUTES

I. The meeting began at 3: 07 pm with Chair Irene McIntosh presiding. A quorum was present by 3:30. January minutes were approved as amended.

Present: Beverly, Moore, Amare, Britt, Brown, Crumb, Dardeau, Dupree, Farmer, Flynn, Loomis, Major, Prokorov, Wright, Doran, Hain, Bru, Hubbard, McIntosh, Guion, Li, Tate, Carnahan, Burnham, Prescott

Excused: Douglass, Falkos, Irion, Joseph, King, Lauderdale, Molokhia, Pettyjohn, Porter, Robinson, Sachs, Santoli

Unexcused: Vrettos, Brick, Fresne, Khan, Ficici, Engin, Sylvester, Burckhartt, Carter, Heins, King, McNair, Phelan, Rego, Rivers, Sherman, Swofford, Hamilton, Varner

Guest: Mr. Gordon Stone was unable to attend.

II. Chair’s Report:

Activities included:

Wayne Davis reported that tuition reimbursement is categorized as:

Undergraduate and graduate coursework for employees is non-taxable income

Undergraduate Dependant coursework is non-taxable income

Graduate Dependant coursework is taxable income

Mr. Davis encouraged faculty who may have errors concerning tuition reimbursement to contact him.

III. Old Business:

IV. New Business: None.

V. Reports from standing committees:

Salary and Fringe Benefits-Michael Doran: None

Environmental Quality-Susan Santoli: Report given by Nicole Amare. Proposed question for committee concerning recycling computer and appliance components and what is current policy. Committee and university plan to expand efforts. Senate discussion included investigating costs.

Academic Development and Mentoring (B. Beverly):

The committee secured faculty feedback regarding New Faculty Orientation from Dr. Covey’s office. The Committee met in January and reviewed the information. Much of the feedback was positive. Our committee would like to work with Dr. Covey’s office to suggest improvements. We anticipate sharing more specifics with the Faculty Senate in a future meeting.

Brenda L. Beverly, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Evaluation (T. Hain): Feedback from survey predominantly positive with some negative. By end of next week all questions should be entered and survey will then go to committee for review. Faculty survey should be published and released in two to three weeks. All university faculty are encouraged to participate.

Planning & Development (N. Flynn) : No report.

Technology Utilization (Kristy Britt): No report.

Caucus Leaders Reports

Allied Health (Bob Moore): No report

Arts & Sciences (Tony Wright): No report.

Computer & Information Sciences (T.Hain): Dean’s search moving forward.

Continuing Education (Stephen Bru): No report.

Education (John Sachs): Education Faculty Council met with the Dean and positively resolved issues.

Engineering (Nicholas Sylvester): No report.

Library (Dennis Guion): Hours of operation given for the new Learning Resource Center for the Mitchell College of Business. Room 128, the new ARC: Academic Research Center in the University Library is now available for use. Hours are posted.

Medicine (Gary Carnahan): Council Search is ongoing. Search for dean is being held in abeyance.

Mitchell College of Business (Matthew Joseph):

Nursing (Karen Hamilton): No report.

VI. Adjourned at 3:56

Respectfully submitted,

Genevieve Dardeau