July 19, 2006
University Library, Rm. 110

Approved MINUTES

The meeting began at 3:16 pm with Chair Irene McIntosh presiding. No quorum was present.

Present: Britt, Z. Brown, Bru, Crumb, Dardeau, Farmer, Hamilton, Hubbard, Irion, Li, McIntosh, Moore, Sachs, Sherman, Tate, Wright

Excused: Amare, Beverly, Doran, Douglas, Dupree-Taylor, Engin, Guion, Hain, Joseph, Kahn, King, Lauderdale, Loomis, Major, Prescott, Sachs, Varner

Unexcused: Brick, Burckhartt, Carnahan, Costello, Engin, Ficici, Flynn, Fresne, Harrison, Molokhia, Pettyjohn, Porter, Prokhorov, Robinson, Santoli, Shamburger, Swofford, Sylvester, Vrettos

Guests: None

Minutes: The Minutes of the April 19th and the June 21 meeting were not approved due to lack of a quorum.

Chair’s Report:

• Continue building relationship with USA Administration
• Updated Senators on status of grade repeat committee progress; Faculty Senate Executive Council to discuss. Irene and Executive Council will also discuss grade repeat policy with President Moulton.
• Discussed Faculty Handbook Policies concerning Promotions and Tenure
• Discussion held concerning ways to improve faculty collegiality ( campus- wide)
• Goal: to work with College Caucus Leadership this year.

Old Business

• The Senate discussed the External Equity Adjustment Recommendations presented by S. McCready in April.

Faculty senators were asked to review the document again and discuss it with faculty colleagues before the next meeting. No vote was taken again due to lack of quorum

New Business- None (No Quorum)

Reports from standing committees: None

Academic Policy and Faculty Handbook:

Environmental Quality:


Planning & Development

Salary & Fringe Benefits:

Technology Utilization:

Caucus Leaders reports: None

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:40 pm.