University of South Alabama
Faculty Senate
March 22, 2006
University Library, Rm. 110

Approved MINUTES

The meeting began at 3: 08 p.m. with Chair Doug Haywick presiding.

Chair’s Report

With no quorum, Doug began his Chair’s Report. The Executive Committee met and is planning for a change in faculty senate membership. The committee did not meet with President Moulton this month because of a particularly busy University calendar month including Higher Education Day (March 2nd) and the University’s comprehensive fund raising campaign beginning March 9th.

In a separate matter, Doug reported on the Board of Trustees meeting held March 9th. The Board was saddened to hear the loss of Jack R. Brunson, a long-time trustee. In general business, the tone of the meeting appeared positive for the University’s upcoming year. During the meeting, the Board held a closed door session and resumed the meeting at the Laidlaw Performing Arts Center where they accepted the Mitchell family’s offer of $22 million and voted to rename the USA Cancer Research Institute the “Mitchell Cancer Institute.” Doug expressed optimism that the campaign goal of $75 million will be reached due in part to the generous $22 million gift by the Mitchell family. Doug commended the Mitchell family for giving so much support to the University.

The USA Foundation Board of Directors met on March 20th. The Foundation adopted a resolution honoring Dr. Peter Wiese, a former geologist and benefactor to the University. He recently passed away and donated $255,000 to the Foundation. This brought his support to the Foundation to a total of $405,000. The Foundation adopted a second resolution to extend sympathy to the family of Jack Brunson, a past member of the Foundation Board of Directors.

Higher Education Day included about 50 students and faculty from the University. The Governor of Alabama commended the involvement.

Doug met with the Alabama Council of University Presidents and discussed changing the title of Faculty Senate Chair to Faculty Senate President. It was concluded that there is no advantage to the change. In another matter, it was decided that it is important to continue to look at comparative faculty salaries across universities and colleges.

Following the Chair’s Report, a quorum was declared and the meeting was officially called to order.

Present: Pruitt, Wooster, Britt, Coleman, Crumb, Dardeau, DuPree, Flynn, Haywick, Khan, Morris, Nowlin, Perez-Pineda, Hain, Pardue, Bru, Lauderdale, Hubbard, Kovaleski, Millner, Santoli, Parker, Li, Sauer, Costello, Molokhia, Olden, Pettyjohn. Porter, Powell, Sherman, Williams, Whitehurst, Delcoure, Spake, Swofford, Godfrey, Morgan

Excused: Beverly, Moore, Amare, Brick, Flynn, McCready, Prokhorov, McIntosh, Sylvester, Guion, King, Harrison, Rattie

Unexcused: Davis, Ficici, Douglass, Burckhartt, Carnahan, Harris, Luterman, Manci, Powell, Sherman, Ryan

The Minutes of the February 15th meeting were approved without amendment.

Old Business

Baseball Game. A baseball game scheduled for April 11th has brought forth 12 requests for tickets with only 2 tickets remaining. Doug offered the remaining tickets to Genevieve Dardeau, the first responder.

University Club Event. Doug reminded senators of the wine tasting planned on March 30th at the House of Blends. The purpose of the event is to raise funds for the University Club. Tickets will be available after the meeting and thereafter will be available through Doug or Nicole Flynn, planner for the event.

New Business

Jack R. Brunson (Senate response to his passing). Doug proposed that the Faculty Senate develop a resolution to honor Jack R. Brunson. To address the matter expeditiously, Doug first asked the senate to consider suspending the rules so that the senate could put items on the agenda for a vote. The Faculty Senate unanimously agreed to this proposal. During discussion of the Resolution, it was noted that Mr. Brunson was a staunch supporter of the University and should be recognized for his contributions and commended in a heart-felt way. The Faculty Senate approved the resolution (see attached).

Senate Meeting Change (Constitutional modification). Doug brought forth a proposal to revise the Faculty Handbook’s Scheduling of Meetings (see Faculty Handbook, Article II: Section 1, Chap. 2, pg. 39) to include: “In the event that a Regular meeting falls on a statutory or University holiday (including Spring Break), the meeting will be held the following Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. There was an amendment from the floor to revise the original proposal to “In the event that a regular meeting falls on a day when classes are not in session, the meeting will be held on the following Wednesday at 3:00 p.m.” The Faculty Senate approved the amended proposal by a unanimously show of hands.

Mentoring Committee (Name and function changes). John Kovaleski, Chair of the Academic Development and Mentoring Committee, brought forth two issues. First, he proposed that the name of the Academic Development and Mentoring Program Committee be changed to Academic Development and Faculty Mentoring Committee.

Secondly, he proposed that the written description of the committee’s function be changed from

This Committee will coordinate the Senate mentoring program for new faculty. It will recommend policies for the mentoring program, identify and recruit faculty mentors, and establish operating procedures. The Committee will also represent faculty in matters related to academic development at the university level (Faculty Handbook, Article 1, Section 4B6, Chap.2, pg. 38).

to the following:

This Committee will represent the Faculty in matters related to academic development and faculty mentoring at the university level. It will function to advance the mission of the Faculty Senate by providing collaborative planning and consultation on matters as they relate to the teaching, research, and service activities of the faculty; to provide input into University policy concerning academic development and faculty mentoring; and assess policy, approaches to, and delivery of Faculty mentoring within the University.

In discussion, John indicated that the committee no longer administers the program and the committee’s emphasis should be on faculty mentoring and influencing policy across the University. John added that the committee’s name should reflect this thought. After some discussion, the Faculty Senate unanimously approved by a show of hands the changes as proposed.

Faculty Senate election procedures. Doug formally opened the nominations for officers and committee chairs. Nominations will close at 3:15 p.m. on the day of the next senate meeting (April 19th). Caucus leaders, in charge of elections, will receive notice by e-mail of how many positions will be open in each college.

In closing the Chair’s Report, Doug reminded committee chairs to submit final reports.

Reports from Standing Committees

Academic Development & Mentoring (John Kovaleski): The committee’s report was included in New Business.

Academic Policy and Faculty Handbook (Donna Wooster): Purchasing card information revisions will soon be reflected in the policy and faculty handbook.

Environmental Quality (Barry Nowlin): Initiatives are coming to fruition. The nature trail will have benches built for it by the end of late summer. The Mobile Register and the Vanguard have committed publicity to the trail. Work is underway with the jogging/walking trail. The committee is working with Dr. Philip Theodore, Director of Campus Recreation, on the development of the trail to soon have markers in place.

Evaluation (Deborah Spake): The Faculty Senate survey has been completed and the committee is in the process of tabulating the results. The results will be presented at the next meeting.

Planning & Development (Nicole Flynn: The wine tasting event was included in the Chair’s Report.

Salary & Fringe Benefits (Susan McCready): Susan’s written report indicated the committee is working on a list of suggestions for future salary adjustments.

Technology Utilization (Jan Sauer): No report.

Caucus Leaders Reports

Allied Health (Bob Moore): Reporting for Bob Moore, Donna Wooster noted that faculty are waiting on their new building.

Arts & Sciences (Federico Perez Pineda): No report.

Computer & Information Sciences (Harold Pardue): No report.

Continuing Education (Elliot Lauderdale): Joyce Woodruff, Chair of the Department, is resigning. A Chair search has begun.

Education (Daphne Hubbard): Susan Santoli, reporting for Daphne, stated the COE has a current faculty search. In addition, there are ongoing renovations in the building.

Engineering (Martin Parker): No report.

Library (Dennis Guion): No report.

Medicine (Gary Carnahan): No report.

Mitchell College of Business (Jim Swofford): No report.

Nursing (Irene Rattie): No report.


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:03 p.m.


Next meeting: Wednesday, April 19th.






Resolution Honoring Jack R. Brunson


February 15, 2006


WHEREAS, Jack R. Brunson, who supported education efforts and improved opportunities for the people of the State of Alabama, passed away on March 1, 2006, and


WHEREAS, Jack R. Brunson, served his community in public service as mayor of Elba, Alabama, member at First Baptist Church of Elba and CEO of the National Security Group, and


WHEREAS, Jack R. Brunson, who served many years on the University of South Alabama Board of Trustees and ex-officio member of the Board of Directors of South Alabama Foundation from 1995 until 2001, serving as Board Chairman from 1998 to 2001, and


WHEREAS, Jack R. Brunson, who was a tireless supporter and advocate for the University of South Alabama, and lived by his belief that anything could be achieved through hard work, and


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the University of South Alabama’s Faculty Senate offers heartfelt condolences to the family of Jack. R. Brunson.