University of South Alabama
Faculty Senate
October 20, 2004
University Library, Rm. 110
3:00 p.m.

Approved MINUTES

The meeting began at 3:05 p.m. with Chair Steve Morris declaring that we were without a quorum and would begin with the Chair’s Report. Steve provided a handout (original in Senate records, but summarized below). After just beginning his report, Steve noticed Dr. David Johnson’s arrival and invited him to address the Senate.

Dr. Johnson, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, spoke on the grant incentive program proposals and the teaching excellence awards. (Copies of the proposals were included in the meeting’s handouts. The full proposals are in Senate records.)

Dr. Johnson stated that his comments applied more directly to the College of Arts & Sciences. In his opinion, the program’s main goal is to provide a way to get added support to faculty (including added salary benefits) by providing incentives to write multiple grants. He also noted most of the money flowing back to the colleges actually supports non-grant-writing faculty via travel and other faculty development means. He added that there is a risk of having a reduction of between $25,000 and $40,000 in his office’s discretionary funds the first years of the new program (if approved), but believes there would be added funds thereafter. He allowed that this program does not address all situations and will not lead to USA’s being a Research I institution. He further stated that any benefits (such as course releases) should not disadvantage students.

Along that line, Dr. Johnson briefly addressed the Teaching Excellence awards as being a way to provide more balance to any new incentives process and not ignore those concentrating on excellent teaching.

After thanking Dr. Johnson, Steve announced a quorum was present.

Present: Aronson, Beverly, Brick, Brown, Bru, Coleman, Dickens, Dupree, Giles,

Godfrey, Guion, Haywick, Jefferson, King, Kovaleski, McCready,

McIntosh, Millner, Molokhia, Moore, Morris, Nowlin, Parker, Peters,

Pillen, Powell, Pruitt, Rattie, Robertson, Sachs, Sanders, Sauer, Scammell,

Spake, Sylvester, Swofford, Teplick, Whitehurst, and Wooster.

Excused: Aldes, Ames, Costello, Flynn, Hain, Harris, Harrison, Lauderdale, Pardue,

Perez Pineda, and Ryan.

Unexcused: Burckhartt, Davis, Donovan, Luterman, Manci, Rodning.

Guests: David Johnson, Dean, Arts & Sciences and Jeff Amy, Mobile Register

The Minutes of the September 22nd meeting were approved without amendment

Steve continued his Chair’s report, reporting on the Executive Committee’s meeting with President Moulton in October. That meeting covered the erroneous change in the university’s withdrawal policy. (After a few minutes of discussion, the Senate agreed — without vote — that the Academic Policy and Faculty Handbook committee should take on the task of investigating the Administration’s plans as to how soon the unapproved policy will revert back to normal.)

Steve reported on a meeting with the SGA President, Joey Robinson, in which Mr. Robinson expressed the opinion that the change in the withdrawal policy is seen as a compromise on the grade forgiveness desired by the student body.

The University is conducting early studies into possibly creating a Pharmacy program.

Mr. Wayne Davis will chair a meeting of the University’s Salary and Fringe Benefits committee (October 21) that will discuss likely increases in health care costs (with the area(s) of raise in debate), but there is the possibility of both an increase in premium amount and prescription deductible.

The Senate will be addressed at its November meeting by Dr. Galbraith, Vice President of Research, regarding the Research Park. Similarly, Dr. Busta submitted a written report to the Senate (provided in meeting handouts and a copy on record) on the progress of the Development office. He may speak at the January meeting.

Steve reported that the Senate’s Executive Council was going to lunch with the University Foundation later this month.

Steve will attend the Alabama Council of University Faculty Presidents meeting in November (but will be absent at the Senate’s November meeting at which Doug Haywick will preside).

Finally, the Faculty Senate Newsletter should be mailed by October 22.

There was no other "Old Business" other than Dr. Johnson’s presentation.

The only item of "New Business" was John Sachs’ providing a report on the University (Faculty) Club exploration process. John reported that in the Executive Council’s October meeting with President Moulton, the offer of the current Career Services building still exists. However, the administration seems to expect to provide minimal support after that point. The Planning and Development committee thus surveyed the Faculty Senate regarding interest in a club. In his presentation, John described the building’s current configuration with the aide of projected pictures. The committee will report back on its initial findings.

Reports from standing committees

Academic Development & Mentoring: John Kovaleski reports the mentoring reception will be October 21 at Banana Docks.

Academic Policy and Faculty Handbook: had no report.

Environmental Quality: Vaughn Millner reports the committee met and toured the campus. Members were investigating the recent work to build a connecting road between the new intramural fields and Old Shell Road. President Moulton stated that the work was trying to minimize tree losses.

A new aluminum can recycling effort was moving along with the help of University Honors Students.

Stephen Bru asked for comments on concerns with the administration’s handling of the hurricane in terms of announcements, openings, closings, etc. both critical and praiseworthy in nature. (Contact him at

Evaluation: John Kovaleski read a report from Deborah Spake. Deborah announced a committee meeting for October 26 and that she was to meet October 21 with Bart Longenecker regarding last year’s survey.

Planning & Development (John Sachs’ report on the University Club is above.)

Salary & Fringe Benefits: Steve Teplick reports he will be present at the University committee’s meeting on October 21.

Technology Utilization: Jan Sauer reports her committee continues to gather information from various university areas. Also, she reported that Turnitin (the plagiarism software) is not able to handle large documents.

Caucus Leaders reports

Allied Health: no report

Arts & Sciences: no report

CIS: no report

Continuing Education: no report

Education: Irene McIntosh reports the college is in a period of restructuring and is considering creating a College of Education Assembly to provide quicker faculty input for college matters.

Engineering: no report

Library: no report

Medicine: no report

MCOB: Jim Swofford reports Ed Harrison is the new MCOB senator.

Nursing: no report

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:10 pm.

Next meeting: Wednesday, November 17th.