University of South Alabama Faculty Senate

July 21, 2004
University Library, Rm. 110
3:00 p.m.
Approved Minutes


The meeting began without a quorum at 3:00 p.m. with Vice-Chair, Doug Haywick welcoming senators and reporting that Steve Morris, Chair, (still in Mexico) had not sent a written report as was done the month before.

Doug reported that he had been invited to attend USA Foundation’s Board of Directors meeting on August 9 and that he would be participating in the welcoming of new faculty members during their orientation process in August.

After this report, a quorum was declared and the meeting was officially called to order.

Present: Aronson, Beverly, Brick, Brown, Bru, Coleman, Dickens, Donovan, Flynn,

Giles, Godfrey, Guion, Harris, Haywick, King, Kovaleski, Lauderdale,

McIntosh, Millner, Molokhia, Moore, Nowlin, Pardue, Parker, Perez Pineda, Peters, Powell, Pruitt, Rattie, Robertson, Rodning, Sachs, Sauer, Spake, Swofford, Sylvester, Teplick, Wooster

Excused: Aldes, Ames, Costello, Davis, Jefferson, McCready, Morris, Pillen, Ryan, and


Unexcused: Burckhartt, Dupree, Luterman, Manci, Scammell, and Whitehurst.

The Minutes of the June 16th meeting were approved as amended.


Old Business

There was no old business.

New Business

Doug asked Barry Nowlin to inform the Senate on the basics of "Books to Baghdad University." (Barry provided a handout from Jacksonville State University that describes the program.) The basic idea is that the program is a chance for professors to donate textbooks (< 5 years old) to be used at Baghdad University. The Jacksonville State contact specifically indicated a desire for medical and engineering texts.

The general agreement was that the program seemed altruistic, but there may be the chance that our good intentions may be seen as something akin to imperialistic busy-bodying. Barry Nowlin will investigate to make sure the need is real/desired via his contact at Jacksonville State. Doug Haywick will inquire through University administration to address policy issues. Doug will send an e-mail to faculty to present findings when possible.

Reports from standing committees

Academic Development & Mentoring (John Kovaleski): John announced that there will be nineteen new Assistant Professors and eight new instructors for possible mentoring (not counting new additions to the College of Medicine). John will attend portions of the new faculty orientation process as well.

Academic Policy and Faculty Handbook (Marian Peters): No report.

Environmental Quality (Vaughn Millner): No report.

Evaluation (?): John Gamble, the chair of this committee has accepted the position of Associate Dean for the Mitchell College of Business. As such, he has recommended Deborah Spake to take over the chair position for this committee. Deborah agreed to be considered. (Ross and Doug will consult the Faculty Senate’s Constitution to make sure the proper procedure is followed in replacing John.)

Planning & Development (John Sachs): No report.

Salary & Fringe Benefits (Steve Teplick): No report.

Technology Utilization (Jan Sauer): Jan Sauer announced a link on the Senate’s webpage ( to access information on "Turnitin" a plagiarism-detection software package that the University administration has acquired. Jan also asked senators to complete a survey on the issues senators believe are most important for the committee to focus its attention. Jan also asked all to direct general comment/ideas/suggestions for the Senate webpage. She will address suggestions to more clearly label committees, place officer names/contact information more obviously on the page, and pointed out the need to direct the faculty senate e-mail connection on the site to someone.

Caucus Leaders reports

Allied Health (John Jefferson): John is excused, but faculty members report a search for an Associate Dean that will be open to internal and external applicants.

Arts & Sciences (Federico Perez Pineda): Will hold an election to fill Michelle Moreau’s remaining term (after proper procedure communicated by Ross Dickens).

CIS (Harold Pardue): Tom Hain will fill the previously vacant Senator slot in CIS.

Continuing Education (Elliot Lauderdale): Elliot reported that he had been selected to be the college’s caucus leader.

Education (Irene McIntosh): Met with the college’s new Dean this afternoon and the meeting went well.

Engineering (Nicholas Sylvester): No report.

Library (Justin Robertson): Colleagues informed Justin he would be the Library’s caucus leader.

Medicine (Nick Aronson): Nick agreed to serve as the college’s caucus leader. The college is opening a search for an Assistant Dean position.

MCOB (Ross Dickens): As reported above, John Gamble will be the new Associate Dean for MCOB. The college will conduct an election as appropriate to fill John’s remaining term on the Senate. A new caucus leader should be in place by September as well.

Nursing (Rebecca Ryan): No new information about timing of move to main campus.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:05 p.m.


Next meeting: Wednesday, September 15th.