University of South Alabama Faculty Senate2003-2004
Oct 15, 2003
University Library,
Rm. 110
3:00 p.m.
Approved MINUTES

  1. Call to Order
  2. Present: Aronson, Brown, Bru, Cohen, Coleman, Dickens, Donovan, DuPree, Gamble, Giles, Godfrey, Gray, Hanks, Harris, Icenogle, Jefferson, Kovaleski, Lauderdale, Longenecker, Morris, Nowlin, Olsen, Pardue, Parker, Payne, Peters, Pillen, Pruitt, Robertson, Rubin, Sachs, Sanders, Smith, Spake, and Tate.

    Absent (Excused): Aldes, Barik, Figarola, Foster, Millner, Powell, Ryan, Sauer, and Temple.

    Absent (Unexcused): Davis, Haywick, Luterman, Manci, Moreau-Johnson, Perez Pineda, Quinn, Rodning, and Teplick.

    Guests: Jim Barganier & Travis Kreidler (Architect firm), Brad Christensen & Bert Hartley (USA).

  3. Master Plan Steering Committee/Barganier, Davis and Sims (Architect group)
  4. The presentation by the BD&S Architect group concerned the Facilities Master Planning process since there was a request by SACS to formalize this process. Part of the process is to identify the needs for new facilities in order to meet enrollment projections. Faculty Chair Brown and Committee Chair Haywick will be serving on the Master Plan Steering Committee. This group has already surveyed the opinions of USA deans and chairs.

    BD&S, from Montgomery, was chosen as consultants because of their extensive experience with master planning. Their focus will be on the future needs of the campus, with the needs of the main campus being the first part of the process. They will be looking at how facilities are presently being used and will be making suggestions for developing the full potential for their use. Consideration of the use of green space as well as the harmony of building designs will be included in this process. Also, the role of the new tram system will be included in the master plan. The time allotted for the planning period for the master plan will be 5 years.

  5. Approval of Minutes of the Sept. 17th meeting
  6. Approved with minor changes.

  7. Chair’s Report
  8. Chair Brown attended the Sept 19th Alumni Board Meeting. He expressed the faculty’s dismay that the Outstanding Scholar Award has been dropped. He also endorsed the Alumni Association’s effort to facilitate communication between the University and Foundation. The USA Foundation has responded to the Alumni Association’s lengthy list of questions, and the answers will be posted on the Alumni’s web page once the University has given its answers to the questions.

    The Executive Committee and some of the faculty caucus leaders met with Pres. Moulton and some of the university administrators on Oct 7th. The discussion centered around the presidential review, current university budget, and the university’s health plan.

    There are currently workshops being given around campus concerning the current USA Sexual Harassment Policy. The meetings are mandatory of all faculty if they wish to be protected/supported by the university against any future allegations. The training will eventually be part of new faculty orientation.

    The University Fringe Benefits Committee met on Oct 8th. The bottom line is that our health plan premiums will be going up next year. Single membership will increase from $34 to $54, while family membership will go from $154 to$190. Currently there is no change in co-pays.

    Student Government Association is pursuing a change in the student grade forgiveness policy. Chair Brown has referred them to the Senate’s Policy and Handbook committee.

    The Faculty Survey is now available on the Internet.

    Chair Brown outlined the current controversy over a review of the movie "Gods and Generals" that was written by George Ewert (director of the Museum of Mobile). It is viewed as an issue of free speech and intellectual rights. For now Mr. Ewert’s position at the museum is safe.

    It was announced that Senator Olsen will be stepping down as chair of the Technology Utilization Committee for health reasons.


  9. Old Business
  10. Ad Hoc Committee on Evaluating the USA President–Vice-Chair Morris reported that Pres. Moulton will be putting together a report outlining the progress of the University based on the long-range plan to be used as an evaluation tool of his performance. All stakeholders, including faculty, will have an opportunity for feedback on the report. The Executive Committee of USA Board of Trustees will offer the final report. SACS statement says there should be a periodic evaluation of the university president, yet there is currently nothing in the Board of Trustees by-laws about evaluating the USA President.

  11. New Business
  12. Senator Parker reported that there is currently no policy concerning the conveying of the results of any academic misconduct of students to the major department of those students. Such a policy is under discussion at the Dean’s Council and will also be discussed in the Academic Affairs Policy Council.

  13. Reports from Standing Committees
  14. Academic Development & Mentoring: The committee is planning a to encourage participation in the faculty mentoring program reception for the Faculty Senate to host. The request for mentors versus those willing to serve as mentors is running 2 to 1. Also there was question about the problem of faculty not attending commencement, and what can be done to encourage faculty participation.

    Environmental Quality: The committee has been "meeting" by email. Barry Nowlin will serve as the official chair, by default.

    Evaluation: The survey is out on the web. It has received over 100 responses so far, out of about 700 possible. The survey will continue until at least half of the faculty has responded. Getting the survey up took a lot of work from Academic Computing.

    Policy & Handbook: The "faculty office hours" issue was only a problem in one college so it was decided to let that college handle it. The "role of graduate students" issue was discussed; there is no consistency in how grad students are used across colleges. The committee will continue to examine the issue. The "sabbatical" issue was not clearly defined, though A&S seems to take advantage of the option, while other colleges do not. The "grade forgiveness" issue was not looked into deeply since there didn’t seem to be a problem.

  15. Caucus Leaders Reports
  16. Allied Health–The first Allied Health sabbatical was approved for this semester.

    Arts and Sciences–The A&S faculty met and discussed various issues.

    Education–Still in the midst of a Dean search.

    MCOB–Associate Dean search is an internal search.

  17. Adjournment–The meeting was adjourned at 4:25 pm.