University of South Alabama
Faculty Senate

June 18, 2003
University Library, Rm 110
3:00 p.m.


  1. Call to Order:
  2. Present: Aronson, Brown, Cohen, Coleman, Dickens, Foster, Giles, Godfrey, Gray, Hanks, Haywick, Icenogle, Kovaleski, Lauderdale, Longenecker, Millner, Nowlin, Olsen, Payne, Pardue, Parker, Perez Pineda, Powell, Robertson, Rubin, Sachs, Sanders, Sauer, Smith, Spake, Tate, and Temple.

    Absent (Excused): Aldes, Barik, Bru, DuPree, Figarola, Jefferson, Moreau-Johnson, Morris, Peters, Pillen, Pruitt, Ryan, and Teplick.

    Absent (Unexcused): Davis, Donovan, Gamble, Harris, Luterman, Manci, Quinn and Rodning.

  3. Approval of Minutes of the April 16th meeting:
  4. After a minor change [Haywick was excused, not present] the minutes were approved.

  5. USA Faculty Sexual Harassment Policy:
  6. Katherine Peterson, of the USA Attorney’s Office reviewed the new Sexual Harassment Policy for USA Faculty. Sexual harassment is often based on miscommunication. Faculty have certain protections that staff do not have which puts them apart from regular employment policies If, after an investigation, the accusation against the faculty member is determined to lack merit, then the University may tender a defense for the faculty. This policy, however, does not address the issue of sexual harassment from a student towards a faculty member. There are different policies depending on the different associations. It is the status of the person accused of harassment (faculty/staff/students) that determines which policy is in effect.

  7. Chair’s Report:
  8. At the USA Board of Trustees meeting it was announced that tuition & fees will be raised 10% for the Fall 2003 semester.

    There are two new Deans--Talbert (Allied Health) and Steadman (Engineering). The search for the Education Dean is still ongoing.

    Pres. Moulton and the University Administration are requesting that the USA faculty give their support to the tax reform legislation in Alabama.

    The Faculty Survey did not happen in the spring, as planned. It is now being planned for the Fall.

    Chair Brown is trying to find a permanent place to keep the historical files for Faculty Senate.

  9. Reports from Standing Committees:
  10. Policy and Handbook–Com. Chair Hanks said the committee will be looking at promotion and tenure polices, and on-line teaching requirements.

    Planning and Development–Com. Chair Haywick hopes to look at the "big picture" in determining future issues for the committee.

    Evaluation–Com. Chair Longenecker reported that the survey was delayed because of the work involved with the vote for the Faculty Senate constitutional amendments. Rather than having the survey available at the end of the spring semester and during finals, it was decided to hold on to it and get guidance from the Senate. Senate decided to wait until the members of the Senate had a chance to respond to the content of the survey.

  11. Reports from Caucus Leaders:
  12. Caucus Leaders for 2003/2004:

    Allied Health–not yet decided

    Arts & Sciences–Michele Moreau-Johnson

    CIS–J. Harold Pardue

    Cont. Education–not yet decided

    Education–David Gray

    Engineering–Frank Donovan

    Library–Justin Robertson

    Medicine–Nick Aronson

    MCOB–Ross Dickens

    Nursing–Marian Peters

  13. Old Business:
  14. The Faculty Senate Executive Committee will need to form committees for the new term. The assignments for the committees will be made by the next Faculty Senate meeting.

  15. New Business:
  16. Joe Olsen was nominated as Chair of Technology Utilization and was elected by acclaim. There were no volunteers or nominations for the Chairs of the Environmental Quality Committee or for the Academic Development and Mentoring Committee, so it will be left to the committees to determine who will be their respective Chairs.

  17. Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.