Faculty Senate
Approved Minutes
19 April, 2000

1. & 2. Call to Order and of Roll


Dagenais, Gifford, Hill, Spector, Thurston, Vetrosky, Bowers, Brown, Comstock, Cohen, Jones, Kimbell, Kwaitkowski, Labbé, Matheson, Miller, Morris, Mozur, Payne, Rogers, Shardo, White, Bracken, Vest, Garmon, Rowe, Trufant, Norman, Murray, Wheeler, McIntosh, Strange, Norman, Foster, Kayes, LeDoux, Tuck-Muller, Wesenberg, Doolittle, Weitzel

Absent (Excused):

Caldwell, Frederick, Hsu, Beatty, Swofford, Kennett, McGinnis, Ryder, Hamid, Olsen, Ballard, Honkanen, Cepeda, Cox, Nelson, Sternberg, Stevens, Teplick, Townsley, DeWitt


3. Approval of Minutes:

The minutes from the February Faculty Senate meeting were presented and approved.


4. Report from the Chair:

They were reminded to review the faculty senate bylaws in the faculty senate handbook.

Dr. Labbé presented a review of the past year. She presented four basic goals she stated she would work toward at the beginning of her tenure as faculty senate chair:

1) Representation of all of the faculty in a confident and intelligent manner to the administration. She felt that overall she and the executive council were able to fulfill this goal quite well.

2) Work toward more efficient lines of communication. Dr Labbé cited the senate web site, (the VP candidates complimented the senate on their web site!) the online polls, the disbursement of information and announcements via e-mail, and the faculty senate online news. She especially recognized the efforts of Sally Murray for her help and expertise. Dr. Labbé also stated that the new senate should continue to improve upon the strides the old senate has made.

3) Encourage more faculty senators to become involved. Dr. Labbé asked for opinions, and she got them! She also stated that this year's ad hoc committees for football and faculty participation in University governance have worked well. The newly formed committee on student retention will have its' new members appointed by the new senate chair.

4) Be pro active. The faculty senate played important roles in participating on the Presidential Search Process Committee, giving input during the search for the Vice President of Academic Affairs, and in forming a report on faculty participation in University governance.

Other accomplishments included:

1) Resolutions - mostly related to policy and procedure:

* faculty hiring guidelines

* overload teaching policy

2) Much committee work has been accomplished that did not have to take the form of resolutions such as:

* Planning and development committee improving campus safety

* Salary and fringe benefits committee's work on getting a dental plan

* Evaluation committee already sent out this years evaluation!

* Handbook and policy committee working to finalize the student grade grievance procedure and FDSA.

3) The faculty senate spent a great deal of time working with the USA Foundation. The resolution the senate passed really "put the ball" in Dr. Whiddon's court. Dr. Labbé stated that the new senate needed to stay alert as the foundation issue is far from over.

5. Reports from Standing Committees:

Salary and Fringe Benefits Committee A Complete report was distributed to the senate. The committee will be given a presentations by companies that offer dental plans in the near future. A vote will be taken on the vacation policy later in this meeting.

Policy and Handbook Committee: Please refer to the end of the year report.

Evaluation Committee: Please refer to the end of the year report. Dr. Jones stated that most of the faculty evaluations have been returned. Results will be analyzed next week.

Planning Committee: A report will be forthcoming regarding the improved campus safety measures instituted because of this committees hard work.

6. Reports from Caucus Leaders:

There were no reports.

7. Old Business:

The amended vacation policy resolution was distributed and voted on. The policy was approved

The handbook committee recently placed the updated faculty service and development award on the senate Web. All new senators are asked to review this and discuss it during the next meeting in June.

The Ad Hoc Committee report on faculty participation in University governance will be made available on the senate Web site. There are 10 recommendations.


8. Communication from the University President:

President Moulton responded to Dr. McGinnis's request for telephone services and voice- mail boxes. He stated he will look into the possibility as soon as possible.  also stated that the Board of Trustees Student and Academic Affairs Committee will allow greater input from the faculty.

9. New Business:

Elections were held for the new executive committee. There were no nominations from the floor. The roster of declared candidates included:

Senate Chair - Dan Rogers, College of Arts and Sciences
Senate Secretary - Bob Bracken, Mitchell College of Business
Senate Vice Chair - Sally Murray, Library
Planning Committee Chair - Paul Dagenais, College of Allied Health Professions
Policy Committee Chair - Richmond Brown, College of Arts and Sciences
Evaluation Committee Chair - Richard Wesenberg, College of Medicine
Salary & Fringe Benefits Committee Chair - Mary Townsley, College of Medicine

Dr. Rogers briefly addressed the senate regarding his goals. Elections were then held and the roster of candidates unanimously approved.

An issue regarding "Terminal Degree" in a field of expertise was introduced and briefly discussed by a member of the College of Arts and Sciences. It centered around the University's policy for compensation. This topic will be discussed by the new senate.

10. Adjournment:

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. Dan Rogers formally adjourned the meeting at 3:50 pm.

Respectfully Submitted By:

D. Vetrosky, Secretary

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