Approved Minutes
20 October, 1999

1. & 2.Call to Order and of Roll


Dagenais, Spector, Thurston, Vetrosky, Arata, Bowers, Brown, Chryslee, Cohen, Haywick, Jones, Labbe, Payne, Rogers, Miller, Morris, Bracken, Hsu, Kennett, McGinnis, Langan, Ryder, Trufant, Davidson-Shivers, McIntosh, Strange, Van Haneghan, Olsen, Engebretson, Murray, Norman, Kayes, Nelson, Townsley, Wesenberg, Doolittle, Swint, Weitzel.

Absent (Excused):

Ledoux, Ryder, Wilson, Weston, Hamid, Parker, Allison, Tuck-Muller, Ballard, Brandon, Foster, Cox, Honkanen, Stevens, Teplick, DeWitt.

Absent (Unexcused):

Caldwell, Dilsaver, Hitt, McAfee, Cepeda, Sternberg, Zhang, Frederick,

3. Approval of Minutes:

Minutes from the April,July and September meetings were approved.

4. Report from the Chair:

Dr. Labbe announced that Mike McGinnis will be our new Senate Parliamentarian replacing Bryce Evans.

Foundation issues - No further actions or comments from Dr. Whiddon have been forthcoming. Dr. Labbe is in the process of sending a follow-up letter to the Senate's prior requests.

Football - The Athletic Task Force programs committee met and voted on conducting a feasibility study for football. They will be deciding on a consulting firm. We will work with the committee in order to lend the faculty's input as to an appropriate firm to conduct the survey and what the scope of the survey might be.

The Senate Ad Hoc committee has finished its preliminary report which all senators should have received via e-mail. A copy was sent to President Moulton and he will send copies to the Board of Trustees. Much positive feedback has been received regarding the report, particularly from President Moulton. Much of the feedback relates to the rational and objective (more or less) presentation of the issue. Dr. Labbe thanked Richmond Brown and the committee for an excellent job.

The Executive committee is pursuing an old issue related to faculty governance, specifically issues which affect faculty and students at the College level. Some suggestions for solutions include faculty representation on college committees and/or academic affairs committees, and educating administrators and community about a 'day in the life' of a faculty member. Senate members are urged to speak with their constituents and gather problems, experiences, and solutions they might have.

5. Reports from Standing Committees:

Written reports from the standing committees were distributed.

6. Reports from Caucus Leaders:

There was a report from the Mitchell College of Business caucus leader, Michael McGinnis regarding MCOB concerns as well as University concerns. A copy of his report is attached. There were no other reports.

7. Communications from the University President:

President Moulton addressed three issues:

Compensation - baseline data points to investigating the salary compression issue

The search procedures for the president and long range university planning committee will be named, announced, and meetings scheduled.

Less than 25% of the faculty have teaching loads of 12 hours.

8. Old Business:

Richmond Brown gave a synopsis of his committee's report. Opinions regarding what USA should do about football ranged from absolutely no football to football absolutely. The overall opinion was that regardless of what happened, a reasonable and responsible approach to investigating football at the University was a must.

9. New Business:


10. Adjournment:

Elise Labbe adjourned the meeting at 4:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by:

D. Vetrosky, Secretary

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