Faculty Senate
Approved Minutes
8 April 1998

1 and 2.  Call to Order and of Roll

            The regular meeting was called to order by Suzanne McGill, Chair, at 3:00 p.m. in Library 5.  The Secretary called the roll:
Present:  Arata, Ardell, Aucoin, Broadus, Chryslee, Cromwell, Daughenbaugh,  Davidson-Shivers, Dorman, Engebretson, Evans, Foster, Frederick, Fruh, Labbe, Lally, Langan, LeDoux, Martin, Matthews, McGill,  McIver, Moak, Mulekar, Parker, Sauer, Sweet, Swint, Syvestre, Thurston, Tucker, Van Haneghan, Vetrosky, Vinson, Weston, C. Wilson, G. Wilson, Zhang
Absent (excused):  Allison, Ballard, Bell, Brandon, Dilsaver, Donovan, Douglass,Donovan, Douglass, Hain, Hamm, Haywick, Honkanen, Isom, Izenburg, Kulkarni, McAfee, Moore, Rodgers, Simpson, Yeoman

  1. Completion of Pending Business

            Minutes of the meetings of 11 February, 25 February 1998, and 11 March 1998 were approved.

  1. Report from the Chair 

            Suzanne McGill introduced Dale Adams, Vice President for Student Affairs, who discussed the freshman experience at USA and outlined a new program for students, ESSENCE (Entering Students at South Engaging in New College Experiences), a unique seven-part program designed to assist students with their transition to the University.  An attractive brochure is available (at 6-6171).  Sylvia Spann, who will coordinate the seminar to be offered for credit to ESSENCE students, outlined its rationale.

Suzanne McGill discussed a bill in the Alabama legislature that would make it prohibitively expensive to purchase credit for qualifying out-of-state and other service in the RSA.  Because the percentage of one’s salary to be contributed to RSA is likely to decrease significantly in the near future, owing to a change in actuarial procedures, the RSA is urging legislation that would change the formula for purchasing service credit, as a means of preventing a stampede of purchasing at the low rates.

Suzanne McGill reported that in March some courses for technical and professional programs were approved for the articulation agreement (e.g., nursing, engineering).

Suzanne McGill discussed the problem of accepting D grades for degree credit at USA; if USA does count D’s, it must also accept D’s for transfer credit in the articulation agreement.

Suzanne McGill reported on election procedures and appointed an ad hoc nominating committee for next year’s officers and standing committee chairs.  Patricia Rodgers will convene the committee.

Suzanne McGill reported that the SrVPAA search could yet attract a third candidate who had withdrawn his candidacy but may reconsider.  The VPMA search committee has identified a short list including five external candidates.

Suzanne McGill reported she intends to distribute a questionnaire to all faculty regarding computer needs and resources as a follow-up to an earlier discussion with the president, who expressed an interest in supporting this technology.

  1. Reports of Senate Standing Committees

Evaluation.  The committee chair, Tom Hain, was absent.
Planning/Development.  The committee chair, Douglas Haywick, was absent.
Policy/Handbook.  Richard Daughenbaugh, committee chair, made a year-end report that showed his committee members had divided the pages of the handbook amongst themselves and reviewed the document carefully for possible changes/corrections relative to semester calendar conversion.  The committee provided leadership in discussion of the discontinuation of the USA 010 exam, and in seeking approval of the FSDA under the semester system being full pay for a one-semester or one-half pay for a two-semester leave.  AAUP documents were placed in the faculty handbook as an appendix upon committee recommendation.  Daughengaugh praised Jan Sauer for her many contributions in placing the handbook on the USA web page.  McGill noted that material taken from the faculty handbook and inserted in the new administrative operating manual deserves careful review.
Salaries/Benefits.  The committee chair, Phillip Bell, was absent.  A resolution for promotion review and 10% salary increase for promotions, originating in this committee, was carried over as business for next year’s Senate.

1. Reports of Caucus Leaders

            Jan Sauer introduced a resolution regarding the University Library building project, a matter to be carried over as business for the next year’s Senate.

2. Communications from the President


3. Old Business

            Phillip Bell’s resolution (see above) will be carried over as business for next year’s Senate.

4. New Business

            John Foster’s resolution on accumulation of sick leave for retirement credit for faculty with the RSA will be carried over as business for next year’s Senate.

5. Adjournment

McGill adjourned the meeting a 4:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
T.  Lally, Secretary
Approved for distribution to the University Faculty at the regular meeting of 13 May 1998.


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