May 14, 1997 Minutes

Approved Minutes
14 May, 1997

1 and 2. Call to Order and of Roll

The meeting was called to order by Victoria Rivizzigno, Chair, at 3:05 p.m. in the Library, Room 5. The Secretary called the roll: Present: Allison, Arata, Ardell, Aucoin, Brandon, Broadus, Chryslee, Cromwell, Daughenbaugh, Davidson-Shivers, Donovan, Engebretson, Evans, Foster, Frederick, Fruh, Haywick, Labbe, Lally, Langan, LeDoux, Martin, McGill, McIver, Mitchell, Moak, Mulekar, Rodgers, Sauer, Simpson, Sweet, Swint, Sylvestre, Thurston, Tucker, Van Haneghan, Vetrosky, Vinson, C. Wilson, G. Wilson, Zhang. Absent (excused): Ballard, Dilsaver, Hamm, Krueger, Kulkarni, Matthews, McAfee, Parker. Absent (unexcused!: Bell, Dorman, Douglass, Hain, Honkanen, Izenberg, Moore, Weston, Yeoman.

3. Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the regular meeting of 12 March, 1997 and regular meeting of 9 April, 1997 were approved for distribution to University Faculty.

4. Report from the Chair

Dr. Rivizzigno reported that the State Higher Education Budget had not yet passed in the State Legislature. The last day of the regular session is May 19, 1997. If the budget is not passed by 5/19/97 a special session will have to be called. Senators were encouraged to call or fax State senators and representatives to support the 2% increase in higher education budget and funding for the USA Stroke Center. Since the State Budget has not yet passed, the University of South Alabama Budget has not been finalized. When Dr. Whiddon met with the Faculty Senate Executive Committee last week he was confident that there would be money for raises. Moreover, some money will be set aside to address salary inequities. Both the Faculty Senate and FAST had recommended that faculty receive a 10% increase in salary when promoted from assistant professor to associate and from associate to full. However, Dr. Sylvester has recommended that there be dollar amount increments ($2000 for promotion from assistant to associate and $4000 for promotion from associate to full this year) and that these increments increase by $1000 in 1999 and 2001 so that they eventually are set at $4000 for promotion from assistant to associate and $6000 for promotion from associate to full professor. Dr. Rivizzigno reminded senators that there would be a Faculty Fringe Benefits Workshop on 23 May 1997 in HUMB 170 from 10:00 am until 12:00.

5. Reports from Standing Chairs

Faculty Salaries/Benefits:
Ms. Fruh reported that during the 1996-97 the Committee had studies the following issues;
Policy and Handbook:
Dr. Louise Hermanson reported that the Policy and Handbook Committee had considered at least five important issues during the academic year;
Planning/Development. Dr. Paul Dagenais reported that the Planning and Development Committee had discussed the following topics during the 1996-97 academic year.
No report since Dr. Culpepper was not present.

6. Pending Business

Election of Officers.
The Senate unanimously passed a resolution thanking the outgoing officers for their hard work. Dr. Victoria Rivizzigno was commended for her outstanding leadership of the Senate during her two terms as Senate Chair.

Viability Law.
It was moved and seconded that the Senate suspend the rules and consider the statement from the University of North Alabama on the Viability Law. The motion to suspend the rules passed unanimously. The Faculty Senate voted unanimously to join with other institutions of higher education in the State to rescind or amend this Law and to adopt the statement written by the University of North Alabama Faculty Senate Legislative Liaison Committee as rationale for this decision.

Unintended Consequences:

7. Communication from President Whiddon

There were no communications from Dr. Whiddon

8. New Business.

The next two meetings of the Senate are:

9. Adjournment.

Suzanne McGill adjourned the meeting at 4:10 p.m.

Respectfullu submitted by
Time Lally, Secretary

(Minutes written by Suzanne McGill, 1996-1997 Senate Secretary.)
These minutes were approved at the 9 July 1997 meeting of the Faculty Senate.

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