Jaguar Wellness Program

Jaguar Wellness Program

What is it?

The Jaguar Wellness Program is an incentive program to motivate you to exercise with Campus Recreation! It is open to all members of the Student Recreation Center. Exercise at the Student Recreation Center and accumulate minutes to earn prizes.

How do I join?

Join the Jaguar Wellness Program by going to the front desk of the Student Recreation Center and signing up on the laptop.

What are the dates that I can log minutes?

Fall 2017: August 16-December 3

Spring 2018: January 8-April 29

Summer 2018: May 29-July 23

How do I earn prizes?

It is recommended that adults get a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise each week. The levels and prizes reflect those recommendations. In order to encourage regular visits to the Student Recreation Center, there is also a minimum number of visits for each level.

Levels & Prizes:

Prizes vary by semester, but can include a USA Bookstore coupon, water bottle, workout towel, t-shirt, and more. 

Bronze = 1800 minutes and 15 visits = one prize

Silver = 2400 minutes and 20 visits = two prizes

Gold = 3600 minutes and 30 visits = three prizes

Platinum = 4800 minutes and 40 visits = four prizes


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