Group Classes

Group Classes

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All group fitness classes include modifications for various fitness levels; however, please read our class descriptions that detail the level of choreography and impact you should expect.

Students and members may bring a guest for $10 per visit. The guest fee includes access to the entire facility, not just fitness classes.

Dependents age 10+ may attend classes during dependent hours: Friday after 4:00 PM, all day Saturday, and all day Sunday.  A parent/guardian must attend with the dependent.

Please check our online schedule each day for class changes and/or cancellations.

Water aerobics: The pools close in the event of thunder or lightening. If weather is questionable, follow USA Campus Aquatics on Twitter to see if the pools are open or closed: @USA_Aquatics.

▼   Barre Sculpt
 Pilates, yoga, and ballet-based movements to improve core strength, flexibility, and posture.  Low-impact with some choreography. 
▼   Body Sculpt
Strength train arms, legs, and core with dumbbells, resistance bands, Body Bars, kettlebells, or exercise balls. Low-impact.
▼   BOSU® Fit:
Use the BOSU® Balance Trainer (which stands for BOth Sides Up, by the way!) to get a total body workout with balance, core, cardio, and strength exercises.
▼   Bootcamp
A mixture of cardio and strength training. Expect some running and other high impact exercises. No choreography.
▼   CIZE® Live!
CIZE® is professional dance for everyday people! Created by Shaun T, world-famous choreographer and fitness trainer, this class breaks down choreographed routines step-by-step. It’s so fun, you’ll forget you’re working out! Low-impact.
▼   Core Focus
A 15-minute class to increase your core body strength & endurance. Abdominal and lower back exercises to improve functional movement, balance, and coordination.
▼   Cycle
Similar to Spinning®, this is 50-minute indoor bike riding with climbs, sprints, and more!  If you have never taken a class, please arrive 10 minutes early to learn bike set-up. Non-impact and no choreography.   Maximum of 25 people per class (first come, first serve). Cycle H.I.I.T.: A 30-minute, challenging class focusing on interval training on the bike. Non-impact and no choreography.
▼   Express Lane
Pressed for time? This is our 30-minute indoor bike riding with climbs, sprints, and more! If you have never taken a class, please arrive 10 minutes early to learn bike set-up. Non-impact and no choreography. Maximum of 25 people per class (first come, first serve).
▼   H.I.I.T.
High Intensity Interval Training. Brief intervals of high-exertion cardio exercises alternated with brief rest periods.  Expect some high-impact exercises.  No choreography.
▼   INSANITY® Live!
This is the class version of Shaun T’s popular home workout that uses MAX interval training: short intervals of high intensity with short periods of rest. Contains cardio, plyometric, strength, balance, agility, and coordination exercises. No choreography. Low- or high-impact (modifications shown).
▼   Meditation
Sit easy and rest your mind as a meditation coach guides you.
▼   Power Pilates
Pilates matwork focusing on strengthening your abs, core, and lower back. Low-impact. Bring your own yoga mat; for health reasons, we do not provide.
▼   Step
Did you know step was invented in 1989? It’s still around because of the great cardio and choreography so many people love! Step up and down on a bench to a fun routine. Low- or high-impact.
▼   Stretch and Recover
Build important recovery into your workout routine.  Class will utilize gentle yoga stretches and foam rolling to help muscles relax and repair.
▼   SUP!
Will return in the summer semester.
▼   TRX® Strength
Created by a Navy SEAL, the TRX® Suspension Trainer is used to improve your core, posture, balance, and overall strength. Get out of the weight room and try this popular functional training tool!
▼   Water Aerobics
Join us in the pool for a full-body workout!  One-piece swimsuit recommended.  Indoor pool in cold weather; outdoor pool in warm weather. Low-impact (shallow), non-impact (deep).   You must be able to swim to participate in deep water classes
▼   Yoga
Lengthen, strengthen, and balance your body. Bring your own yoga mat; for health reasons, we do not provide. Beginning Yoga will give more instruction and breakdown of the poses.
▼   Zumba®
A joyful Latin dance class that combines all the rhythms in Latin music. Experience dance moves from Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, Mambo, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, and more! Choreographed to the music. Low- or high-impact (your choice).
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