Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC)


The Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program assists faculty in designing and implementing writing-intensive, or "W," courses.  All students are required to take two "W" courses to graduate, and one must be in their major or minor. The basic premise of the WAC program is to foster skills such as critical thinking and reading, developing rhetorical strategies, and writing within the conventions of a particular discipline.  Writing-intensive courses ideally combine all of these skills to help students learn through writing.

Faculty members can become certified to teach "W" courses by participating in an online workshop available on Sakai. Faculty can participate in the online workshop at their convenience.  As a part of the workshop, participants will be asked to complete several modules that contain video, audio, and written lectures with additional resources. After finishing the modules, participants will be quizzed over what they learned. Upon completing all modules and quizzes, participants will receive their certification. 

For more information about the online faculty training workshop, please contact the Writing Center Manager, Franklin Ard at franklinard@southalabama.edu.