JagPAL Tutoring Schedule



▼   Schedule Tutoring Appointment

How to Schedule a Tutoring Appointment

1.      Log in to SSC

2.      On your home page, you will see a button on the right-hand side that says Schedule a Tutoring Appointment.  Click this button.
Schedule Tutoring button

3.      On the next page, you will be prompted to select a reason for your appointment.  Then click the Next button.
reason for tutoring appointment

4.      Select the location for your appointment from the drop down menu.  Next select a tutor.  If you do not have preferred tutor, just select next.
Tutoring location

5.      Once you click Next, you will see a grid with available appointment times.  If you don’t see any appointment times click the Next Week arrow. 

 Tutor Appointment times

6.      Some tutoring services on campus are available for Drop-in/Walk-in Times.  If you do not see any available times listed, click on the View Walk-in Times to see the availability.  Walk-in times cannot be pre-scheduled, but you are welcome to the come to that location and meet with the tutors available.

7.      Click on the box for the morning or afternoon of the day you are interested in to see available times.  You can use the arrows to move to the next week.  Once you see the available appointment times, click on the one you want to schedule and click Next.
Select specific time

8.      The details of your appointment will appear on the screen as shown below.
Appointment details confirmation

9.      If you would like to receive an email reminder, be sure to click that button.  This email will go to your jagmail address the day before your scheduled appointment. 

10.  If you would like to receive a text reminder click on that button as well. You will receive a text reminder 1 hour before your scheduled appointment. 

11.  If your cell phone number is not in the system, you will be prompted to enter it.  If it is in the system, you will be prompted to confirm it.  Please enter the phone number with the area code using dashes (e.g., (251) 460-6101).  We recommend you choose a least one reminder type before saving your appointment.
Update Cell number

12.  Once you have entered this information and confirmed that the date and time of the appointment is correct, click Confirm Appointment to schedule the appointment.


During summer sessions, JagSuccess will offer a variety of courses by appointment through SSC.  If you have any questions or requests , please email jagsuccess@southalabama.edu . In the fall and spring, JagPALs are available for drop-in tutoring from the second week of class until the last day of class each semester. Tutoring services will be closed for university breaks and holidays.  The posted schedule is subject to change without notice. Updated May 3, 2018