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Welcome to the University of South Alabama and thank you for visiting our webpage. As the Director of Student Academic Success, I want to share some suggestions for helping your student succeed at South. Our Academic Success Team developed this list which represents the collective wisdom ofprofessionals in Academic Affairs and Student Affairs. You can encourage your students by reminding them of these tips!  

1. Attend class! Students who attend regularly earn better course grades. 

2. If you must miss a class, get in touch with your instructors as soon as possible, and get a copy of notes from a classmate. 
3. Get to know your instructors. Introduce yourself, visit them during their office hours, and don't feel bad if they forget your name. They see lots of students. Remind them! 
4. Find a "study buddy" and/or form study groups for each class. 
5. Manage your time wisely. Allow two study hours for every hour in class. This is very different from high school and many students have a hard time making this transition.
6. Practice time management. Use a planner or your electronic device. Record tests and assignments for each class and schedule time to prepare for tests. 
7. Use the syllabus. Your course syllabus is your roadmap. It will tell you what you should be learning in each class and when tests are scheduled and assignments are due. Keep a copy of your course syllabus in your notebook for the class, along with all assignment instructions for the course. 
8. Read the course material. As you read, highlight important points. Ask yourself what the professor may say about the material. What do you think they will talk about in class? 
9. Remember to see your advisor. Each semester, you should schedule a brief appointment with your advisor. This will help you to stay on track for graduation. 

Ask for assistance if you need help. We have peer academic leaders, a Writing Center, tutors in various departments, and other academic resources. Remind your students to take ownership of their education. USA offers many resources and a host of academic experiences; encourage them to explore the rich academic opportunities the University has to offer. 

Nicole T. Carr, PhD. 
Director of Student Academic Success 

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