Your Responsibility

What are you responsible for?

  1. You should schedule and attend your first year advising appointment prior to your registration eligibility date.
  2. You must monitor your own progress, and seek advice from your advisor, so that you stay on schedule toward a four-year graduation.
  3. You should take an active role in your advising session by being prepared to discuss your goals and educational plans.
  4. You should complete 30-36 semesters hours of credit hours each year so you on track to graduate in four years.
  5. You need to be prepared for each appointment with questions and/or material for discussion.
  6. You must ask questions if you do not understand an issue or have a specific concern.
  7. You should understand degree requirements of colleges and majors you are considering.
  8. You should be aware of drop/add deadlines and additional university requirements.
  9. You must make and be responsible for your own decisions.
  10. You should maintain good academic standing as determined by the department and college offering your major.
  11. You should silence your cell phone prior to advising appointments.
  12. You should follow-up on referrals and inform your assigned advisor of the outcome of referrals.

Remember that you, and not your advisor, bear the ultimate responsibility for selecting courses, meeting course pre-requisites and graduation requirements, and adhering to University policies and procedures.