Graduate in Four

Can You Graduate in Four Years? YES!

Plan for 4 is the expectation that you will carefully plan a year’s worth of work at a time and that you will have a general plan for your entire academic career, term by term. During your first year, your advisor will be able to provide you with more information about how to plan for your university study.

Suggestions to ensure degree progression:

  • Complete the freshman writing requirement in your first year.
  • Choose a major within 45 hours and begin your degree planning during your first semester at South Alabama (changing your major may alter your planned graduation date).
  • Utilize the University’s Undergraduate Bulletin to review required curriculum for your intended major.
  • Monitor your own progress using Degree Works, and seek advice from your advisor so you stay on track.
  • Schedule your required advising appointment early in the term, and register on your assigned eligibility date.
  • Resolve any issues that may prohibit registration.
  • Enroll in available courses needed for your program of study, recognizing that available courses may not be available at the time or in the term in which you would like to take it.
  • Complete 30-36 credit hours each year (summer included) for four years to meet all degree progress milestones.
  • Maintain good academic standing as determined by the department and college offering your major.


In addition, there are already a number of policies and initiatives in place to promote and support your progress toward a four year graduation:

  • Required academic advising for all first year students until declaration of major.
  • Required academic advising for all first year students each term until 30 graded hours have been completed.
  • Academic Probation advising.
  • Pre-requisite/co-requisite checking by Banner registration.
  • Registration system which grants earlier registration access to students with greater completed hours.