Advisor Responsibility

What should you expect of your FYAC advisor?

  1. Your advisor will be accessible to you during reasonable hours.
  2. Your advisor will understand the curriculum, general education, graduation requirements, and university policies.
  3. Your advisor will provide accurate information.
  4. Your advisor will discuss specific university, college, and departmental requirements, procedures, and deadlines.
  5. Your advisor will help you define and develop realistic goals and discuss the connection between academic preparation and career opportunities.
  6. Your advisor will assist you in planning programs of study, both short-term and long-term, consistent with your abilities and interests; such as course load, academic background, program demands, and employment or personal commitments.
  7. Your advisor will connect you to other services, departments, and specific individuals as needs are identified.
  8. Your advisor will help you identify special needs and acquaint you with services and programs provided at South.
  9. Your advisor will respect your right to privacy of educational records and discuss confidential information only with appropriate individuals and for the purpose of serving your best interests.
  10. Your advisor will help you assume responsibility for your decisions and actions.