Graduate Policies

"The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid."

- Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey (1817)


Graduate Program Policies

GRADUATE ADVISING: The Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Ellen Harrington, works with all new students on course selection and general advising. In addition, Dr. Charlotte Pence mentors students in the Creative Writing concentration.

CONCENTRATIONS: Students are admitted to the M.A. Program in English in one of two concentrations: Literature or Creative Writing. Once admitted, they may not change their concentration without the express permission of the department's Graduate Committee. Students must petition the Graduate Committee in writing to change concentrations.

CHANGES FROM PROVISIONAL TO REGULAR STATUS: Students come into the M.A. Program in Provisional Standing for one or more of four reasons: their undergraduate GPA is below that required for Regular Standing (3.0), their score on the Verbal Section of the GRE General Test is below 153, they have not taken the GRE, or they lack sufficient undergraduate hours in English. Once admitted as Provisional, graduate students must present nine semester hours of graduate work in English with grades of A or B and GRE scores on the General Test before they are eligible to be moved to Regular Standing. Once students meet this requirement, the Registrar moves them to Regular Standing automatically. As soon as students believe that they have satisfied the requirements for Regular Standing, provisional students check their transcripts in PAWS to ensure the change has been made. When GRE scores are reported to the University after a student has been admitted, the Graduate Coordinator may need to request that the registration block for missing scores be removed to allow the student to register for the following term.

MAILBOXES: All English graduate students have a mailbox for departmental mail in the main office (HUMB 240) to the left of the front door. Boxes for graduate assistants and teaching assistants will be located with the mailboxes for adjunct faculty. Please check your mail regularly. If you are only in the department for evening classes after the office is locked, please ask your professor to unlock the door for a few moments either before or after class so that you may check for mail.

DIRECTED READINGS CLASSES: A proposal for Directed Readings credit must be arranged with a supervising professor prior to registration. Registration for this course is generally reserved for advanced research with a professor with whom a student has already established a mentoring relationship after the student has completed 18 hours toward the degree. Faculty members are not remunerated for this additional teaching and undertake it for the encouragement of special projects. Normally, a graduate student can receive departmental approval for no more than one Directed Readings course. Registration for Directed Readings requires the English department chair’s approval of the proposal and an override into that registration number. Under no circumstances is approval given for Directed Readings credit as a convenience for students in place of regularly scheduled courses. Proposals will not be approved for topics already covered by courses in the bulletin.

The degree requirements for English as stated in the current Bulletin.