Meeting Minutes

Meeting on 1/17/18:


Hey everyone,

If you missed the meeting this week, here is what we covered:


·        Register at: colleges/artsandsci/earthsci/meteorology/secaps/ registration.html

·        Volunteering - Peyton and Sam will be going around to the classes with sign-up sheets and e-mails will be sent out for the following committees:

o   Registration table (4-6 volunteers)

o   Food table (2-3 volunteers)

o   Technology (1-2 volunteers)

o   Publications / Registration (4-6 volunteers)

o   Photography- preferably if you have a good camera (2-4 volunteers)


American Meteorological Society

·        Great Opportunity

o   Student conference- lots of networking

o   can present student research

o   Career fair

o   Graduate school ideas

o   Broadcast tape swap and critique

o   Resume workshop

o   Writing workshop

o   Can volunteer in order to cover costs

·        Become a member:

·        AMS 2019 will be held in Phoenix, AZ


National Weather Association

·        Another great opportunity – similar events to the description above for AMS

·        Become a member:



If you are interested in any of the following intramurals, please contact Zack Webster at

·        Basketball

o   Men’s league on Tuesday nights

o   Team name is Fallstreak Holes

o   Sign up on IM Leagues if you are interested!

·        Softball

o   Co-rec team that would play Monday or Tuesdays

o   Registration: Feb 4- Feb 16

o   Season: March 4- April 12

·        Volleyball

o   Co-rec team that would play Monday, Wednesday, or Thursdays

o   Registration: Feb 4- Feb 16

o   Season: March 5- April 5

·        Kickball

o   9 v 9

o   Registration: Feb 12- Feb 23

o   Season: March 4- April 12


Have a great weekend,

Caitlin Ford

USA Meteorology Club Secretary